VI International

«Hungary and Russia:
the commonwealth of two countries»

  • Musical contest dates

    March 11-15, 2024

  • Deadline to apply

    March,5 2024

  • Format
    face-to-face / remote

History of the contest began in 2017 when Hungarian Cultural Center in Moscow and

F. List children`s music schools in Moscow and Gyoe jointly organized first


Aims of the contest include drawing young musicians` attention to

heritage of russian and hungarian composers, supporting young perspective musicians

and widening cultural collaboration between Hungary and Russia.

Annually the contest estimates more than 100 participants aged 9-17 years.

Nominations for solo, ensemble and accompanist (from 2024) performance allow

to demonstrate performance skils and creative talents of the participants.

  • 3 nominations
    • Solo performance
    • Ensemble performance
    • Accompanist skills
  • 3 age categories
    • Junior category

    up to 9 years inclusively

    • Middle category

    10-12 years inclusively

    • Senior category

    13-17 years inclusively

  • March,5 2024
    Deadline to apply

Who can participate

Young musicians living in Russia and foreign counties, studying in
additional educational programs in music art in children`s art
schools and integrative educational programs in arts in vocational schools and colleges.
Participation Format
Stage performance
Competitive audition, for participants from Russia living in Moscow, Moscow Oblast and other regions
Performance Video
for participants from Russia and foreign participants living outside Russia

Nominations and categories

  • Solo Performance
    piano, string instruments, wind instruments, percussion, folk instruments
  • Ensemble Performance
    piano, string instruments, wind instruments, percussion, folk instruments
    − small ensembles up to 6 participants
    − large ensembles with similar or mixed instruments, over 6 participants
  • Accompanist skills
    for musicians accompanying solo participants of the contest
Участие преподавателей и концертмейстеров в составе ансамблей допускается только в номинации «Ансамбли больших составов, однородные и смешанные». Приветствуется участие в ансамблях концертмейстера учащегося.
Contestants may participate in several nominations if they apply for each nomination!
Competetive program requirements
Performance program includes:
  • Music of russian (soviet) composers of the XIX -XX centuries
  • Music of foreign composers of the XIX-XX centuries or hungarian composers' music
Performance duration:
- no more than 7 mins for junior and middle categories
- no more than 10 mins for senior category

Performance of Hungarian composers' music is desirable

For remote contestants:
  • video recordings should include live concert performances, shot on a static camera, without any editing or audio overlay
  • contestant performance should be recorded in one piece using one file
  • stops in recordings are not allowed
  • video should be filmed not earlier than September,1 2023
  • low resolution videos (less than 720 p) are not accepted
  • contestants' arms, legs and faces should be visible in videos
  • performance video should be uploaded in cloud storage or to YouTube with public access

Competition program

Accepting applications and registry fees
Before March, 5 2024
List of contestants publication
March,5 2024
Publication of festival contest rules and regulations
March, 6, 2024
Grand Opening of Vi International Festival Contest "Hungary and Russia: unity of two nations"
March, 11 2024
Competitive auditions
March 11-14, 2024
Gala concert and award ceremony
March 15, 2024
Participation fee for festival contest
Solo performance

  • 1.500 ₽ face-to-face format
  • 1.000 ₽ remote format
Ensemble performance

small ensembles

2.000 ₽ face-to-face format

1.500 ₽ remote format

large ensembles, similar or mixed instruments

2.500 ₽ face-to-face format

2.000 ₽ remote format

Accompanist skills
  • 1.000 ₽ face-to-face format
  • 800 ₽ remote format